Sunday, 21 May 2017


As you may have heard/felt you are part of the Chosen Generation, living  amongst a generation of some people that do not even know that they have an amazing resource at their disposal; the Word of God. 

The Word of God sets the standard that Children of God should live by and incorporate into our daily lifestyle whilst on earth, the reason being is to take us from average (like everyone else) to above average (set apart), which is it what God wants to do in our lives. God wants you to be set apart from the rest, he always wants to take us to the next level; however we may not reach our full potential due to our character, or rather, lack of Godly character 

You have to start from somewhere, so let’s begin by building. Building Godly character is something that should be a constant in our Christian walk, it’s not an easy task especially as we are frequently bombarded with information, daily ‘stresses’,  procrastination ect but despite all of this we have to make that conscious effort to uphold such character in the midst of all things.  

The bible has an array of scriptures that show us exactly what Godly character is, in particular Galatians 5 22:23, which focuses on the Fruits of the Spirit. To summarise this scripture the Fruits of the Spirit are physical attributes that we should strive to constantly live by in order to uphold Godly character; it is basically an outline of what makes a Christian stand out in the world and show others how a true transformation can occur once saved. 
Remember, it is not a case of picking one fruit over the other, every single fruit should be explored in our lives. The nine fruits are: 
  1. Love 
  1. Joy 
  1. Peace 
  1. Patience 
  1. Kindness 
  1. Goodness 
  1. Faithfulness 
  1. Humility 
  1. Self-control 

As stated earlier, all of these attributes are known to be one whole fruit broken down into sections, much like an orange. Taken in as a whole fruit, these attributes will guide you to develop a new life with Jesus Christ and to begin the process of Him transforming you from ordinary to extra-ordinary. 
God can only do so much which is why I can’t stress enough that this should be a constant conscious effort to maintain every day. This all begins with discipline. If you really think about it being disciplined with the small things that God has asked you to do, will take you to the next level He has planned for your life; praying, paying that off debt, starting that ministry, forgiving, cleaning out your wardrobe/house, applying for jobs, exploring your crafts/skills, loving others, positive thinking, generating income from God inspired ideas, keeping healthy, giving to those in need, reaching out to a loved one, the list is endless! These simple tasks all go back to the Fruits of the Spirit, let me give you a few examples: 
  • Keeping fit and healthy goes hand in hand with Self control- maintaining eating habits and working out 
  • Paying off a debt goes hand in hand with Patience- paying off a debt could take weeks or even years to finish 
  • Praying- goes hand in hand with Faithfulness- being able to remain faithful in the midst of hardships 

You can now see how important it is to ensure the Fruits are embedded in your every lives, I urge you to be honest with yourself and maintain the discipline you need to develop these. 
Although these things may be seem insignificant, you know that God is all seeing and all knowing- that should give you the push to start building your Godly Character and maintaining this in every circumstance you find yourself in. 

Start building with God and study His word! 
                                                              Evaluate. Pray. Surrender  

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